Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ida, you've got us green with envy for ya!

                                 Style Ida in Green / Cream

There is surely a movement towards the color green. Could it be that green reminds us of summer days...cheerful thoughts? Green has been such a popular color throughout our spring collection.
We can't hardly wait to get IDA into our hands and into our wardrobe! Such a pretty updated spectator look that marries classic with fun and spunk! We simply adore Ida so....
Available in four colors on our on-line store starting March 25th! Hurry up .....we are counting the minuets for your arrival Ida!!! Xoxoxo


  1. I entered Sandy A La Mode's blog giveaway and was unsure where to leave a comment to your lovely store on this blog so hopefully this works out!

    I reallyyyy love the Ida shoe! It's in one of my favorite color combinations too! :)

  2. Hello Cindy!
    Thank you for your comment and we also adore our Ida as well! :)
    Ida is available in a colorful pallet of GREEN / CREAM and TANGERINE / CREAM or the softer pallet of SEAFOAM / CREAM and CORAL / CREAM. All available April 1st!
    Thanks for entering the giveaway to win our style Eugina on Sandy Ala Mode! We're so happy you did! Good Luck and please keep in touch! <3