Sunday, March 11, 2012

Enter the "I Wear Pretty Shoes" Contest!

In honor of our very first year in business, we are running our "I Wear Pretty Shoes" Giveaway Contest!
Wanna know more? Please read on lovelies!

Q: How do I enter the "I Wear Pretty Shoes" Contest Giveaway?

A: Every second Monday of each month, we will be showcasing a style that we will feature for the giveaway contest on our FB page.
 Once you see the featured style, all you have to do is snap a picture of yourself wearing an outfit that you would wear with that style.
Send the picture to:
The winner will be announced on the last Monday of the month on our FB page.

Q: That sounds so simple! Anything else?

A: Once you are announced as the winner, all we ask is that you then wear that same outfit w/ the style that you have won and send us an updated photo!
We then will share your lovely picture on our Blog and FB as our super duper stylish winner!

Q: How long does the contest run?

A: The "I Wear Pretty Shoes" Contest Giveaway will run for a whole year! Yipppppppppi!
This gives one lucky lady a chance to win each month until March 2013!

Q: How many times can I enter?

A: There is no limit on how many times you can enter.

Q: Who views my pictures and what happens to them if I don't win?

A: Our designers will view each entry. Once we have finalized our entries for that month, we will choose the winner and the balance of the pictures will be deleted from our files. We will never use this info outside of this contest.

Q: Should I be sad or offended if I don't win?

A: Of course NOT! This is a contest after all, so strut your style girl and win win win!


If you have any other questions about this giveaway, please email us at :


  1. whoa! what an awesome contest!! i will definitely be entering!! :D

  2. Right on Ladies! Please do enter and spread the word about our contest that runs all year! So very excited to see how all you amazing gals will style our shoes! Xoxox! <3

  3. I will definitely be entering as well!

  4. Great Melissa! We look so forward to see how you would style our Darla's! So excited!!! <3

  5. This is perfectly amazing, I will definitively have to enter! What cute shoes! I'd love to post it on my blog too