Tuesday, January 10, 2012

After a long and antisipated journey we have opened our headquarters in Los Angeles! We had local graffiti artists come in and paint our logo onto our walls! It was so exciting to see it come to life.
People ask us how we came about our name.
B.A.I.T. is an acronym for "but another innocent tale..." our company is based on a simple tale of a idea to create a new shoe brand that is vintage inspired with updated modern details.
We are completely grass roots. We don't care to become a big household name...we just want to create cute shoes and make friends with sweet girls who will love and live our shoes. Its simple. I guess you can call it an innocent idea...an innocent tale.
One side note...we are completely gadget and web dummies. This blog is just a simple way to share our everyday musings. We probably won't be all fancy or super savvy in the way we post. Hope you will bare with us...follow us....and hopefully give us some pointers on how to make this blog thing a good place to share.
Thanks for dropping by and supporting us! We are working on our website now and running around like crazy to get our name out.
Our first Spring collection is due out this month! We will list soon some of the stores that are to carry our line.
Thanks again! xoxoxo

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