Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Girl Shoe....Boy Shoe...?

Such a wonderful world of style we live in today, don't you think? Where as in the past decades it seems there was a clear definition of what girls wore and what boys wore...but all that is thrown straight out the empire state buildings top floor window! Today there is so much "cuteness" in a girl dressing with a boyish charm- hence the recent  years of the "boyfriend" jean and the "boyfriend" jacket.
How about a boyfriend shoe? Hm...are we far reaching?
Our two styles the Yonder and the Yorkie are two sure fire reasons for why dressing a little boyish can mean a lotta girly chic! We love the look of tube socks with a skirt or a lovely flouncy dress with a pair of oxfords. It brings back that 50's "rock around the clock" look no?

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