Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Story About A Shoe Named Tara.....

                 Our Special Style Tara in Sailor Stripe Red & Navy

Today we would like to share a little story about our style named TARA. If you look on our shop today you'll noticed that she is on special (and the price is super special).
Tara is made with a pre-washed jersey t- shirt fabric that gives her a laid back casual look.
Due to the washing process of this style, you will see some faded variation on fabric here and there.
Some may feel this to be a defect, but we love the natural look of her, which gives her more character.
We girls have been running around all week in a pair and they are seriously like comfy and had lots of compliments all around.
To be fair to our customers we are offering her for a special price on our shop (please make sure to read the detail section).
The Red / White is our personal favorite!
Happy Thursday Everyone! xoxo

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