Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's Miss Muse....IDA in Green!

                               Lovely IDA in Green / Cream

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today's featured style is our IDA in Green! We've been showing off Miss Ida in all colors these past weeks and believe us when we say joke, its been nuts!
We've had girls chase us down the street....girls asking us if they could try them on- off our feet....and swoons all across the room whenever she is near. Its no wonder that we just keep showing her off. We're so proud of her!!
Available now on our on-line shop. Green / Cream - Tangerine / Cream - Seafoam / Cream and Coral / Cream!


  1. Absolutely charming - some of the most adorable shoes I've *ever* seen! And of the entire line, Ida in green is my very favorite. LOVE!!


  2. Thank you Kellie for your kind comments on our Ida! She sure is a popular style among all the lovely gals. :)

  3. fabulous!:) love the color of green mix with white, the lovely colors blends with the design! simple and perfect!:)love this xoxo :)