Monday, April 16, 2012

A Day At The Flea Market, Mission Accomplished!

                                  This beautiful white dresser
                             The perfect mint accented end table
                The most delightful bow handle dresser in pale blue

Happy Monday Everyone! The b.a.i.t. girls were on a mission this weekend to find much needed pieces for an empty space we have in our office. We really wanted that space to be pretty and comfy...after all, we do spend most of our time outside our own homes and in some kind of "work" place.
We wanted to make a "ladies lounge" of some sort, just to sit and have tea...or eat ice cream...or throw darts...hee heee..
We found a few pieces to make it just the way we like it. Girly...with a little tomboy-ish touch.
We made some friends too. Local markets are so awesome to visit!

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