Friday, June 8, 2012

When In New York.........

Greetings from NYC!! We are at the FFANY shoe show this week in the Hilton Hotel showing our Fall collection!
If you have ever traveled to NYC, you will know that this city is just jam packed fashion 24/7.
There are so many stylish women and men in this city, we are always in awe of street fashion here. thing that is very apparent is the love for the classic BLACK.
New Yorker's love their black. You know what? We love it too! Now don't get us wrong....we girls LOVE color...but there is something about being in this city and just feeling the sleek and coolness of a classic black jacket...or the LBD. So when in New York...pack a sleek little jacket :)
New York City, thank you for being such a lovely host. We heart you so much!
Happy Friday Everyone! xo

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