Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome To Our Girl Crush!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today we post about our first ever girl crush....her name? Shirley Kurata! We just love everything about her style! The mixture of "cute" and "sass" - she has us dreaming of whipping up colorful , smart quirky outfits. We have admired Shirley for some time and this month, we decided to take our thrifting outing challenge to another level. We declare it....drum roll please...."The Hunt For A Shirley Outfit" thrift day! It's fitting we dedicate a whole day to our long time girl crush. Cheers Shirley! xoxo <3


  1. Hi!

    My Firmoo Glasses Giveaway will end tomorrow! You might want to join!

    Also, I noticed how Shirley Kurata has a short bob. You can easily get this look without having to actually cut your hair if you win my Wigstime Give-away. You might want to check it out.

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