Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wanna Be Friends? Please.....?

               Donna aka Florida of Donna's Dress Shop Kansas City

We are here at the Platform Show Las Vegas, the shoe show part of the infamous Magic Show! Its been so much fun connecting with old friends and loyal supporters....and so exciting to make new friends and get to know all the lovely boutiques around our beautiful country.
Case in point....meet Donna aka Florida Oranges.....(hee hee)....she came in looking like a ray of sunshine and spent almost an hour chatting it up about her obsession with the Elizabeth Taylor auction on Christie's and her love for all things vintage!
We simply adored her and couldn't hardly wait to ask the question.....CAN WE BE FRIENDS?....
Did we seem like stalkers when we asked? A little....was she a little taken -a- back by the question....
FOR SURE NOT! She said YES and now we are the happiest of pals..
Can't wait to get our shoes in her store and one day plan a visit down her way so we can shop!
We adore her so much...we wish we could shrink her up and take her around in our pockets! Hee hee...

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