Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When ______ met Hariette....

                                      Style Hariette in Red 

Sometimes you save things for later. You buy something, you love it and you keep it for just that "special" occasion. When we first met Hariette, we thought she would be just that kind of style...the one you save for.....a first date w/ Mr. Right....or the interview that lands you your dream job!
Then we thought....wait! Special things are meant to be worn....shown off....and loved out loud!
We love the way Hariette brings back the romance in wearing lovely heels. Its special vintage inspired design makes it an easy conversation piece to compliment any outfit.
Available in red / black and a lovely pale grey.
This style is available on our on-line shop the middle of April. Its a great transition style to take you right from Spring into next fall.
Let us know what you think of Hariette!

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