Friday, March 9, 2012

Yorkie! You Bring Out The Sunshine Any Ol' Day!

                                Style Yorkie in Sunny Yellow

Its fast approaching! What....Who....? Yes dear, its almost Summer! maybe it may still be cold in some parts, but we girls have to prepare don't we?
The cutest most adorable summer boat shoe / lace up boyfriend oxford is here! Our style YORKIE in the most delectable colors....oh so sweet!
You can wear a pair of Yorkie's with your summer vintage levi's....or how about tom boy up a little dress?
Surely the easiest way to add a little boyish twist to a girly outfit!
Available at our lovely friend' s @ AKIRA CHICAGO....or find all the fun colors on our on-line shop!
See you soon and here's to a sunny weekend! Xoxoxox

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