Thursday, May 24, 2012

When In Rome...Eat As The Roman's?....

                                      The Fish Soup Flavor
                                     The Shrimp Gumbo Flavor
                                   The Beef Skewer Flavor
                                  The Classic Seaweed Flavor
Hello Everyone! We are back from our trip....and trying to get over our jet lag slowly but surely...:)
We traveled all over Asia for a few reasons, one to check out all the wonderful fashions that cities like Tokyo and Seoul have to offer, then we headed to Hong Kong and China to start our brainstorming for the Spring 2013 collection.
Its hard to believe that we are barely starting Spring 2012 now....the fashion cycle is fast and furious!
Along the way, we take a million pictures. Some for pleasure, some for inspiration...but mostly for memories.
One of the funnier pictures this trip took place in a super market.
There we strolled the aisles in total wonder of all the different versions of the "typical" American foods you can find, right in your neighborhood.
Case in point (and pictured above) the basic CHIP.
We are huge fans of the "chip"....and we do love the different flavors you can find here at home...i.e. BBQ / Sour Cream and Chives...(well you get our point)...but nothing prepared us for the flavors we found in Asia.
Fish Soup.....Beef Skewer...Seaweed??...These flavors totally blew our minds.
We tried a few to be adventurous and we must say....the seaweed tasted some what well.....seaweed like.
We'll leave the other flavors to your imagination....:) Happy Thursday Everyone! xoxo

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