Monday, May 7, 2012

Which B.a.i.t. Styles Would She Have Worn?

                            Mary Ann was always our favorite!
             Our Tiki in Red...a sure style Mary Ann would have worn!

We are a small group of girls that sure do a lot of chatting during our days...OF COURSE we're girls! of the things we LOVE to play on our small breaks is "What B.a.i.t. Style Would She Have Worn"..."She" being a old school character from a T.V. or Movie.
We love vintage t.v. shows and of course one of the greatest shows there ever was - is Gilligan's Island!
How they conjured up all those stories on that island is beyond us....and where did all of Ginger's outfits come from? Wait...but can we just discuss Mrs. Howell? Those hats really made it through the storm?
Oh...we're just silly girls that like to play silly games!
But....if Mary Ann were to have worn one of our styles, she would have surely strolled in our Tiki's.
We loved her style of stripe tops and capri pants. She always had her pigtails in red ribbons. She was darling!!
If you wanna throw down some Mary Ann vibes this spring, visit our shop and get your feets in a pair of our Tiki's! xoxo

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