Wednesday, January 25, 2012

B.a.i.t. Designer Interview on Spring 2012

                                              Designer Jules incognito @ a Recent Trade Show

Today we have a rare treat! Our designer Jules Kim has offered to sit down and talk a little about our first ever collection SP12.
She's a little bit shy and doesn't really like to do interviews or even be in the lime light, but we forced her to come out of her shell and chat with us about her experiences and this new line she is designing for.
Here we go:

B.a.i.t. -Can you tell us a little something about yourself?

JK- Well...what is there to say? Hm....I have been a shoe designer for close to 11 years working for various junior brands.
 I have always had a love for shoes ever since I was a child. I remember putting new shoes right on top of my bed stand at night, anticipating the first day of school to come.
I was a sportswear designer before I got into shoes. A mentor once told me that once you get into the shoe business, it gets into your blood...and I think its really true.

B.a.i.t. - Can you tell us a little bit about B.a.i.t. and the story behind the brand?

JK- B.a.i.t. is an acronym for "but another innocent tale..." the reason why we started this brand came about in a very simple and innocent way.
I had been working quite a few years into my shoe career and always had this vision of what kind of shoes I wanted to design. I have always had a huge love for vintage, but finding vintage shoes in your size or in a condition where you can actually wear them comfortably was always hard. As much as I love the eras of the past and the clothing and accessories that go with it, I sometimes wished I could design them with updated colors or materials...
Last year finally presented some opportunities and I  consulted with a few mentors and with family and friends...and decided to take the risk and go for it!
Our goal is to offer lovely vintage inspired silhouettes that are easy and simple for everyday wear. There are no real "bells" or "whistles" attached to our styles. We like to keep it simple and at an affordable price for today's modern girl.

B.a.i.t. - Can you tell us what we can expect for your first collection SP 12?

JK- Yes, we are very excited to launch our Spring 2012 collection this month. Its a whimsical and fun collection and we are all very proud of how well it has been received so far.
Our line will always be influenced by vintage silhouettes. I tend to gravitate from about the 40's to the 80's for inspiration and so you may find many styles reminiscent of those eras.
Spring 2012 will feature flats and sandals and pumps.The sweet things will be the details and colors that go into each style.
I have to say that I have a sickness for bows and polka dots and stripes. These elements will probably always remain in the line.
As far as color is concerned, you will see bright colors all around. A customer that came to visit us at a trade show said it was like a "candy store" very colorful!

B.a.i.t.- Can you tell us where someone can buy the line?

JK- Right now we are working on our on-line shop. You can  view and buy our complete collection soon and it should launch the start of February.
We also have quite a few lovely retailers that will feature our line:

You can also find it in wonderful boutiques:
Una Mae's in Los Angeles
Blu Button in Long Beach
Lorin in Santa Monica

The list is pretty extensive, but these are just a few of our supporters.

B.a.i.t. - Lastly, who is the b.a.i.t. girl? 

JK- Well, I would hope that it would be a range of women. The line is very easy and understandable for everyone. I can see a young gal in her teens right into her thirties wearing it. I can see my mom wearing a few styles. I think in fashion today, there is no age limit or style limit. Its a very exciting time I think with blogs and street style sites.
I have to say that I am most influenced by street style. I admire woman that may not be in their twenties, still looking fantastic with fabulous accessories.
I guess to sum it up, when I design the collection I design with a stylish "women" in mind. The age of the woman doesn't really come into play.

B.a.i.t.- Thank you so much for your time. We know you are not for interviews..but you did a great job! 

JK- Well, Thanks....hope I wasn't too boring.

B.a.i.t.- Nope, you were great and we look forward to years and years of success! 


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