Thursday, January 12, 2012

Puffer Jacket...? No can do friend, its a puffer shoe!

                                                                                                      Style: Trista

With the weather being a bit chilly still, we can see that streets are filled with people wearing "puffer" jackets. You know which those are....the ones that came in rainbow colors - the one that your mom wrapped you up in before heading out for the school bus. Well, you get the drift.
Honestly, we don't much care for the usual puffer anything- but....oh wait! How about a puffer bow on a cute little wedge?
Now your talkin Missy!! This little puffer is not for the faint of "the puff"...but it sure is a cute little number to call when your feeling you need a little somthin somthin to spruce or "puff" up your outfit.
Sorry, I couldn't help using the word "puff" as much as possible...hee hee...xoxox

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