Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neon Lights Are a Shining!

                                                        Style : Mika in Our Neon Brights

If you were to have one perfect summer oxford in your wardrobe this spring, it would have to be our style MIKA.
She's so very lovely in every single way! Who can resist a little neon color in their summer outings and wait.....not only do you get that burst of color- you get "heart" chop outs that give it another element of lets say..........ADORABLE!
Its hard to resist this style and I don't think you can just stop with one color. We especially love the pink but we sure can kick up our heels in the spirited yellow or green!
Whatever the color that tickles your fancy, you can soon purchase this style on our on-line store!

Also find this style in the fabulous PINK coming soon on!


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